Podcast 1: We Have Lift Off!

Episode 1 · April 10th, 2017 · 32 mins 53 secs

About this Episode

It's finally here! Welcome to the Learn Guitar podcast from the National Guitar Academy. We SIMPLIFY the guitar world so you can make music and have fun as quickly as possible.

In this episode you will learn:

  • A rare and cool 2-finger chord (that's very easy to play)
  • The #1 lead guitar 'secret' (AKA 'The all-conquering importance of keys')
  • How to get started with lead guitar
  • The best way to hook up with other musicians
  • How to get from "notes to music"
  • What time signatures are (and why they matter)

Show Segments
00:32 - Lead Lines
07:42 - Quick Chords
09:20 - Tips & Advice
19:00 - Rhythm Section
25:06 - Theory Tips
28:34 - One Last Thing

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